• Anti-fraud and Risk rules engine

    Our system integrate risk rules engine and database to scan and identify per transaction intelligently,and customizes authorization service for merchants in various industries to ensure payment security.

  • Security Network and Available System

    By using the famous network security company NetScreen’s firewall and most advanced system framework in payment industry for core platform, Masapay can ensure that all services of network layer and application layer can reach “Load Balance” status. This platform can also ensure 7X24 security for both merchants and cardholders to experience Masapay’s products in a stable and highly-efficient way.

  • SSL

    To ensure SSL encryption automatically for all the “https” requests sent by client-side and the feedbacks returned by “Web Server”, Masapay platform uses SSL Certificate (128) provided by VeriSign which is the famous certification center all over the world.

  • MD5/SHA-256 Certification of Payment Interface

    To ensure the orders sent by merchant do not be changed maliciously, MasaPay provides Md5/SHA-256 certification for the merchant orders interface. Therefore, merchants can perform Md5/SHA-256 by using plaintext which consisted of order number + order amount + order date + administrator password of merchant backstage, and then transmit the generated digests along with payment information to MasaPay, system will use Md5/SHA-256 to check whether the orders information has been changed, so as to protect the interests of merchants.