Senior Java Engineer

Report to: Team Leader
Key Responsibilities and Accountability:
 Participate in architecture design and implementation.
 Design, implement, test and deliver components following development process to meet the requirement.
 Ensure high quality of program and document.
Qualifications required:
 Minimum 3 yrs experience in Java/J2EE.
 Solid knowledge of OO, UML, AOP.
 Demonstrated experience of JDBC, JMS, JAAS, Servlet, JSP, EJB.
 Soundness knowledge of Redhat Linux, Oracle.
 Practice of frameworks, such as Spring, Top link, Hibernate, Struts.
 Demonstrated experience of JBoss, iAs, Weblogic etc.
 Good command of SQL, JavaScript.
 Good communication skills.
 Experience of RUP.
 Experience in telecom, bank, securities, and insurance.
 Experience in product development.